A Thoughtful Approach to Spoken & Written Communication

For leaders, teams, and those flying solo in business.

Effectively communicate your personal and brand messages for better results.

A Thoughtful Approach to Spoken & Written Communication 

For leaders, teams, and those flying solo in business.

Effectively communicate your personal and brand messages for better results.

Complete Speaking & Writing Services

Serving clients Australia wide from


Communication Training

Improve your ability to express your thoughts, ideas, and opinions and persuade others to take action.

Writing Services

Thoughtfully crafted words that hit their mark. I write from a fresh perspective and capture the heart and soul of your business while ensuring your message is on point.

Event Host & MC

I work with event organisers who want a professional MC to  support their event and stakeholders.

Proudly From Regional Queensland

Based in the iconic Queensland city of Bundaberg, Wise Words Communications is a proud regional business serving both the local community and clients Australia wide.  

Who Is Wise Words Communications?

David Wise

David Wise

Training & Marketing Consultant


Wise Words Communications is mainly me, David Wise. You see what I did there, right? However, my business is about more than just a play on words…

I have always loved communication and learning about what ‘makes people tick’. This has taken me on a career path through the worlds of communication, marketing, media, and events working with a variety of people, businesses, and organisations.

Complete Communications & Marketing

My personal specialities are:

  • public speaking
  • communication training
  • copywriting
  • major writing projects
  • marketing research and strategy

Inevitably, some projects will lead to conversations about other aspects of marketing and communication. Some of these I can also assist with. In other cases, I will introduce you to members of my trusted network of creative professionals that includes designers, photographers, videographers, audio technicians and others, to ensure your project gets the best possible results.

Let’s chat soon.

Experience Combined With Modern Savvy

You might say I’ve been at this communications and marketing game for a while. I’ve spent over 25 years combining on-the-job experience with ongoing education. The world is changing fast but the funny thing is, it’s still often the tried and proven strategies and techniques that work the best. The skill is in knowing how to constantly adapt and apply them to new environments.

Associated Brands

In 2017 we decided to create a separate outward facing brand that highlights our integrated marketing services for quintessentially regional businesses in the tourism, transport, and agribusiness industries.
In June 2018 we acquired this great little business that distributes brochures on behalf of advertisers to premises that have tourism focused brochure racks in the Bundaberg region.
A collaboration between David Wise of Wise Words Communications and Craig Walsh from Bundy Live providing marketing services to performers and entertainment focused events.

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