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Afraid To Put Yourself ‘Out There’?

  I had a new client in my office earlier in the week who said they were reluctant to post about their business on social media, write blog posts, or go and speak to groups. The reasons? Fear of being judged. Getting negative feedback. Saying something wrong and...

Five Absolutely True Quotes About Public Speaking

Public speaking has always been, and always will be, one of the most effective ways of building influence, persuading others, and improving your personal and professional lives. Becoming a more effective speaker is a goal we should all aspire to. Here are some pieces...

Oh To Be Blissfully Unaware Of Our Own Incompetence

  I question my own ability several times a day, every day. I look at others in my field of professional expertise who seem to have supreme confidence and I worry that I may actually be grossly under-qualified to be putting myself out there in the same company. I...

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