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Marketing & Communications Strategy

Gain a better understanding of your business, your customers, and how to communicate your value.

Getting Started on Your Strategy…

Unfortunately, many businesses approach marketing and communications based on what seems like a good idea at the time. Sometimes they strike it lucky. Often they don’t.

A strategic approach to marketing and communications involves solid research, sound planning, great execution, measurement, continuous improvement, and ultimately, a healthier business.


Marketing & Communications Review Workshop

The best way to gather most of the information required to start designing an effective strategy is to run a workshop with key staff in your business.

We will work our way through a series of questions designed to provide vital insights which will be used to develop your strategy.

Marketing & Communications Audit

If you are genuinely unable to take key staff out of the business to do a workshop, we can gather the information by alternate means such as questionnaires, individual interviews, independent research etc.

The Integrated Approach

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is simply the combination of elements such as traditional media advertising, online marketing, public relations, events, community engagement, sales promotion, branding, direct marketing etc. that in the past have been considered separate functions.

These days the lines have become blurred and a complete strategy that coordinates all channels is a must.

The Strategic Process


Some of the things we will put under the microscope include:

Your products and services.

Your industry – trends, developments etc.

Your sales history.

Your competitors.

Your customers – who they are, what they want etc.

Your customer experience.

Your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT).

Your current and past marketing and public relations activities


Armed with some solid research, we can then go ahead and design a strategy covering:

Your brand values and how to convey them.

How to align your unique proposition with the right customers.

How to position your brand.

How to strengthen your brand in the market.

Evaluation of all marketing and communication channels (online and offline, internal and external) and the best way for your business to leverage them.

An Implementation Plan and suggested budget.

Suggested tools for monitoring and measuring performance.


Once we have agreed upon a strategy and marketing budget,  we will revisit the Implementation Plan and determine:

What activities you can handle in-house.

What activities need to be handled by us or another specialist.

Any additional training that might be required for you or your staff e.g social media, sales skills etc.


Circumstances change. Markets change. Nothing stays constant. By putting in place mechanisms to measure and monitor performance, we can continuously improve upon the marketing strategy.

We will put in place some key indicators and make arrangements for regular reviews to keep your strategy relevant and on track.

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